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  1. 410/HT Stainless Steel stock products - Penn Stainless ...

    Alloy 410 is the basic, general purpose martensitic stainless steel that is used for highly stressed parts and provides good corrosion resistance plus high strength and hardness. Alloy 410 contains a minimum of 11.5% chromium which is just sufficient enough to demonstrate corrosion resistance properties in mild atmospheres, steam, and many mild chemical environments.

  2. 410 Stainless Steel Rockwell Hardness

    Its formability is good for its yield strength and hardness range. 410 Annealed Stainless Steel - 410 SS, Precision Steel Warehouse. 410 Stainless Steel Soft and ductile Martensitic Stainless Steel Strip is the general purpose and most widely Lbs per Feet/ Kilos. per m2, Rockwell Hardness.

  3. 410 stainless steel price per kg in India, SS 410 supplier

    410 stainless steel is resistant to acids that are present in foods. 410 stainless steel has very good hardness and strength and it also has excellent resistance to corrosion. 410 stainless steel magnetic is in the hardened condition, as well as in the annealed condition.

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    Astm A240 410 Stainless Steel Plate, Astm A240 316l Stainless Steel Plate, Astm A240 304 Stainless Steel Plate, Aisi316 310s Stainless Steel Sheet, Aisi 316 Steel

  5. SA 268 TP 410 Pipe, 410 SS Tubing, 410 Seamless Pipe Supplier

    The Chemical Composition of 410 stainless steel is Silicon 1.0, Chromium 11.5 min.-13.5 max., Sulfur 0.03, Nickel 0.75, Phosphorus 0.04, Manganese 1.0, Carbon 0.08 min.-0.15 max., and Iron balance. 410 stainless steel can be heat treated and this will give a vast number of mechanical properties. 410 stainless steel is used in applications that involve high strength, heat resistance and mild corrosion.

  6. Alloy 410 Martensitic Stainless Steel Plate - Sandmeyer Steel

    Alloy 410 stainless steel plate is the general purpose 12% chromium martensitic stainless steel that can be heat treated to obtain a wide range of mechanical properties. 410 stainless steel plate possesses high strength and hardness coupled with good corrosion resistance. Alloy 410 stainless steel plate is ductile and can be formed.

  7. Stainless Steel - Grade 410 (UNS S41000) -

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  8. 410 - Rolled Alloys, Inc.

    410 stainless is a corrosion and heat resistant 12% chromium steel. It is the most widely used of the hardenable stainless steels. Heat treated 410 has mechanical properties comparable to the engineering alloy steel AISI 4130, coupled with the additional benefit of good corrosion resistance. 410 is highly resistant to atmospheric corrosion.

  9. 410 Stainless Steel Plate, Sheet, Round Bar, Pipe, Tube ...

    410 Stainless Steel. As a martensitic stainless steel, low carbon steel, when tempered 410 has good hardness and high toughness. In order to be technically classified a 410 stainless steel it needs to contain a minimum of 11.5 percent chromium. This property, as well as because of its strength and durability, makes 410 stainless have an overall goodss 410 hardness rockwell supplier

  10. How to reach HRC38 for SS410 - Finishing

    A. 410 is a funny stainless steel. Depending on the carbon content, you MIGHT be able to harden it per AMS2759/5 [link by ed. to spec at TechStreet] , the standard aerospace heat treat specification, to Rockwell C 40 or more.

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  12. 410 Stainless Datasheet - Specialty Stainless Steel

    Type 410 is hardenable, straight-chromium stainless steels which combine superior wear resistance of high carbon alloys with the excellent corrosion resistance of chromium stainless steels. Oil quenching these alloys from temperatures between 1800°F to 1950°F


    AK Steel Type 410 is a martensitic stainless steel that provides excellent corrosion resistance plus high strength and hardness. It is magnetic in both the annealed and hardened conditions. A wide range of properties can be developed with different heat treatments.

  14. 416 Stainless Steel Bar - Stainless Steel 416 Round Bar ...

    Products. Best Stainless provides 416 stainless steel under the highest quality UNS S41600 and ASTM A582 standards. 416 SS can be utilized in a number of capacities and applications including, pump shafts, valve components, and automatic screw machine parts. Stainless steel 416 is composed of carbon, chromium, manganese, phosphorous, silicon, and sulfur.

  15. 416 Stainless Steel Bar (annealed condition), TW Metals

    416 stainless is a free-machining variation of martensitic stainless steel with the addition of sulphur or selenium. The material can be hardened by heat treatment to higher strength and hardness levels. It has better machining properties than the austenitic grades, but lower corrosion resistance. Applications: Cutlery and kitchen utensils

  16. 17-4 PH Stainless Steel Bar - 17-4 ASTM A564 Supplier ...

    Our 17-4 PH Stainless Steel (SS) is a precipitation hardening martensitic stainless steel. Typical usage is seen in applications requiring high strength and a modest level of corrosion resistance. Strength and toughness desired can be manipulated by temperate range in the heat treatment process.

  17. Stainless Steel 410 Fasteners at all time low price,SS 410 ...

    Stainless Steel 410 Fasteners Manufacturer & Supplier Manufacting high-class Stainless Steel 410 Fasteners in India Buy Stainless Steel 410 Fasteners, SS 410 Nuts, SS 410 Bolts, SS 410 Screws, SS 410 washers for perfect connection & critical applications, excellent pricing and extensive size range of Stainless Steel 410 Fasteners, 10% sale on Stainless Steel 410 Fasteners only on 50000 pcs.

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    We provide Stainless Steel 410 Pipe Fittings in all shapes and sizes and with any specifications that the client's. We are Specialized in High Quality ASTM A403 WP410 SS Seamless Buttweld Fittings, SS UNS S41000, 1.4006 Welded Pipe Fittings Supplier and Exporter in India.

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    In Top 10 Manufacturer, Suppliers & Exporter of 410 Stainless Steel Fasteners, Stainless Steel 410 Fasteners with minimum burr, SS 410 Bolts, SS 410 Screws Since 1999 and supplying to renowned companies worldwide.

  20. 410 Annealed Stainless Steel - 410 SS, Precision Steel ...

  21. Types 410, 420, 425 Mod, and 440A -

    carbon level from .15% maximum in Type 410 to .60-.75% in Type 440A. These alloys are used where strength, hardness, and/ or wear resistance must be combined with corrosion resistance. APPLICATIONS A major use for these grades of heat treatable stain-less steels is in cutlery. Depending on the customer's end-use requirements, cutlery alloys are usually

  22. 410 Stainless Steel -

    410 Stainless Steel Categories: Metal; Ferrous Metal; Heat Resisting; Stainless Steel; T 400 Series Stainless Steel. Material Notes: 16 mm diameter bar, heated to 980°C for 30 min., oil quenched, 49°C temper for 2 hours: Key Words:

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